About The Artist


Dragana SkrepnikDragana Skrepnik was born and raised in Banja Luka in the former Yugoslavia with a great love of and talent for sketching, painting and creating colorful art from an early age. Growing up in a city without the opportunity to study art on a collegiate level, she was pushed to set aside her love of art and earned a degree in Economics & Business in 1985. After getting married and having her beautiful daughter, she was thinking that her path in life was set in her hometown with her family and a career in business.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, her life changed direction in every possible way when her husband got a job opportunity in the US. In 1989, the Skrepnik family moved to tropical, exotic New Orleans, where she got a chance to achieve her life long dream of becoming an artist. While adapting to a new life and cutlure, she luckily met a painter and professor of Art History at Tulane University, Amber King. Professor King became her mentor and life-long friend who encouraged Dragana to study the masters and art history. Over the many years they painted side by side, Dragana learned how to understand non-representational art and this impacted her future style immensely. She continued educating herself while working in business by taking formal art classes, attended inspirational  workshops, and seen thousands works of art visiting international art museums and galleries across the US, Canada, Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.

During the last 25 years, she has lived in different parts of the US, including vivacious and welcoming New Orleans, on the beautiful beaches of South Carolina’s Hilton Head Island, on the edge of the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, and for the last twelve years in the unique, warm desert city of Tucson. Opportunities to travel and see the world, exposures to different ways of life, and direct contact with the masterpieces of most achieved artist of the world have influenced her work in many ways. After absorbing the influence of Kandinsky, Matisse, Turner, Cezanne, Miro, Monet and O’Keeffe, Dragana dedicated her time to exploring her own ideas of oil painting. Then her work moved into the direction of abstract expressionism.

Her paintings today depict the connection between the land and the horizon. A recurring theme in her abstract landscapes and cityscapes is the existence of a passage into the unknown and unexplored, much like her own life. Despite the expanse of the sprawling desert, her paintings have an optimistic spirit of what lies just beyond the horizon. Her inspiration continues to come from experiencing new cultures, seeing awe-inspiring nature, and she has dedicated her time to making joyful, colorful paintings and living her dream in her sunny Arizonan studio.

Skrepnik’s work can be seen on the walls of galleries, private collectors, art shows in the US and internationally. Her art studio is open to all by appointment in Tucson, AZ or you can review her work on her website DraganaSkrepnikArt.com. 

Artist Statement

My paintings are a reflection of my life-long love for color and beauty and an expression of my imagination and dreams. My goal is to take viewers into an unknown, dream-like place full of happiness and a warm atmosphere.

To express my vision, I use oil on canvas media, bold colors, and rich texture that brings energy and optimism. In my abstract landscapes, I like to depict the connection between the past, present and future and to create a special spirit between the land and the horizon that exists ‘in the moment’. Lately, I have been using a new technique, “resin over oil”, to bring more depth, vibrancy and a new dimension to my art.

Moreover, I enjoy creating something that exists in my mind. I create a conversation piece where the viewer can experience the hidden meaning and emotion behind the abstract forms, colors, and composition. I always hope that the paintings will intrigue the viewer and inspire intense feelings. My art expresses my soul, my travels, and all the experiences in my life that have made me who I am. I feel blessed to be able to do what I love and share my art with others by evoking optimism, joy, and happiness.



2013 – Nov.           Tucson Open Studio Tour, (participate in JCC Exhibition)

2013 – Dec.             Terry Trueman –Huge House mini-e book story – cover page painting

2013 – Mar.             Fresh Paint University of Arizona Museum of Art, Tucson AZ

2013 – Jan-Dec      Que Bonita gallery, Tucson AZ

2012 – Nov.            Tucson Open Studio Tour, (participate in JCC Exhibition)

2012 – Jan.              Flux Gallery – Art Benefit Arizona Children Association, Tucson AZ

2012 -Jan-Dec      Que Bonita Gallery, Tucson AZ

2011 – Nov.            Westmont Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA

2011 – Dec.             Flux Gallery – Small Work Show, Tucson AZ

2011 – Dec.             Que Bonita Gallery- Three Man Show, Tucson AZ

2011 – Nov.           Tucson Open Studio, (participate in JCC Exhibition)

2011 – Oct.           Flux Gallery –Second Anniversary show

2011 – Sep-Nov  LTG Gallery, Banja Luka, BIH, Europe, International Solo Show

2011 – Mar.           Fresh Paint the University of Arizona Museum of Art

2011 – Jan.            Represented by Que Bonita Gallery, Tucson, AZ

2010 – Jan.            Represented by Zimmerman Gallery, Tubac, AZ

2010 – Apr & Nov. Tucson Open Studio Tour (JCC Exhibition)

2010 – Mar.          Contents Interiors, Tucson AZ (Juried Exhibition)

2010 – Feb.           Platform Gallery, Tucson AZ, (Four artists Exhibition)

2009 – Dec.           Platform Gallery, Tucson AZ, (Salon Exhibition)

2009 – Apr & Nov. Tucson Open Studio Tour (JCC Exhibition)

2009 – Jan.            Cimarron Foothills Association (Group Artist Show)

2008 – June-Oct. Alliance bank, ABA Gallery, Tucson AZ, (Solo Exhibition)

2008 – May            Vila Toscana, Tucson AZ, Open House Group Exhibition

2008 – Apr.           Espresso Art Café and Gallery, Tucson AZ, Solo Exhibition

2008 –Nov            Tucson Open Studio Tour, (JCC Exhibition)

2007 – Oct.           Wishes Gift and gallery, Tucson AZ (Artist group Show)

2007 –                      Dinnerware gallery, Tucson AZ (Artist group Show)

2007 – Mar.          Contents Interiors, Tucson AZ (Juried Show)

2007 – Nov           Tucson Open Studio Tour

2006 –  Aug.           Tabernacle Baptist Church, Tucson AZ (Solo Exhibition)

2003-2005             Represented by Wishes Gift and Gallery, Tucson AZ

2001 – Apr.            Hickory NC, Art Show

Paintings exhibited and donated:

2002–2009     Paraseghian Foundation, Tucson AZ

2009                    Diabetes Foundation, Tucson AZ

2008                    Kids Chance of Arizona, Silent Auction

2006-2007       Tucson Medical Center Rock and Rodeo Show, Silent Auction